Approximately 1 in 100 people in the US are suffering from celiac disease. Are you and your kids one of them?

If your family is on a gluten-free diet, it could be a tough time for you to figure out what meals should you be preparing to your kids due to the limited choices of food ingredients.

Gluten free recipes for kids are especially hard to find when it comes to feeding picky eaters.

If you are looking for easy gluten free recipes for kids, this strawberry granola recipe is something you that need to keep in your list. It is perfect to be served as breakfast or snack for your healthy kids!

Grab the ingredients below to try out now!

Via Life Made Sweeter: Strawberry Granola


Breakfast for kids is important to your kids’ wellbeing. It fuels them up and gets them ready for the day physically and mentally. Preparing breakfast for kids can help to boost their attention span and can even keep your kids’ weight in check.

Studies have shown that kids who take their breakfast are more likely to eat healthier and to take part in physical activities. On the flip side, kids who skip breakfast are generally more restless, tired and even irritable. The reason being that breakfast is the key to help refuel our body after going to sleep without food for 8 – 12 hours.

If you are looking for kid-friendly breakfast recipes for this week, check out this video now!

Via Buzzfeed: 5 Kid-Friendly Breakfast Meal Prep Recipes

Kid-Friendly Breakfast Meal Prep

You can meal prep kid-friendly breakfasts for the WHOLE WEEK! ✨via GoodfulFULL RECIPES:

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