Body image is the perception and feeling one has about his or her own appearance. It includes the way how one thinks about one’s own skin colour, facial features, weight, size, shape, physical disabilities and clothing.

Having a healthy or positive body image means one is accepting and satisfied with his or her own appearance. One’s perception on body image is easily influenced by environmental factors such as messages from the society at large, one’s family and friends, as well as the media.

Body image for kids is an important topic that parents need to pay attention to because it is largely associated with your kids’ self-confidence.

Having a healthy body image will aid your kids to detect and fulfil their bodies’ needs. This shall in turn result in them actively taking care of their health through making healthier food and exercise choices.

On the flip side, if your kids are affected by negative body image and lower self-esteem, chances are they are more likely to develop unhealthy eating habits that could lead to tons of negative consequences.

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