via All Kids: Our cotton ball sheep craft is a fun farm craft for your preschooler. We’ve found that combining cotton balls with a decent amount of glue makes for a very child pleasing craft, and this fuzzy sheep craft is a definite favorite. Even very young children will enjoy this craft as they get to experience the texture of the cotton balls and the joy of being able to do a large part of the craft “all by themselves”.

What you’ll need:

  • White and black construction paper
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • White crayon
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Red yarn
  • Sheep template 1 Sheep template 2

How to make your cotton ball sheep craft:

  1. Print our template(s) and cut out the pieces. Trace the faces and legs onto black construction paper using a white crayon and cut out the pieces. Cut the body of the sheep out of white paper.
  2. Cover the sheep’s body piece with glue.
  3. Stick the 4 legs onto the bottom of the body.
  4. Cover the rest of the sheep with cotton balls.
  5. Glue the sheep’s head onto the body (on top of the cotton balls).
  6. Glue the googly eyes on the head. Glue the red yarn on the sheep’s face to make a smiling mouth.
  7. Cut a small triangle out of black construction paper and glue it to the face as a nose.

via Easy Peasy And Fun: Are you ready for shark week? We’ve been gearing up and that’s why we have collected 25+ most awesome shark crafts and activities for kids (and big kids) to make in days to come (or all year round, as these fierce fishes are fun all year round)!

You’ll find a ton of activities for all ages – for the somewhat clumsy hands of toddlers and preschoolers, through the more crafty kindergartners, kids in grade school and even a few that you will totally enjoy!

Funky Shark Puppet

This one is insanely easy to assemble and we have both the colored and black and white version kids can color. These have been a huge hit in preschool and kindergarten, a fun project to do along with the Baby Shark song.

Surprise Big Mouth Shark Printable Paper Craft for Kids

This is such a cool little paper toy! Draw the details, color the desing, fold and play.

Shark corner bookmark

Just a few simple folds and you will make your very own little bookmark.

More Shark Crafts and Activities for Kids Just in Time for Shark Week

1. Let’s start with something I’m sure you made as a kid, just in different form – lets make a shark cootie catcher. Easy Peasy and Fun

2. This lovely shark craft is a must do for shark week.

3. Have a preschooler at home or a kindergartner? They are going to love this easy cupcake liner shark. I heart Crafty Things

4. This shark sensory bottle will keep your toddlers busy for a while (and you can have the big brother or big sister make it). Stir The Wonder

5. We love a good game and to celebrate shark week we’ll be playing this matching pairs game all week! MollyMoo Crafts

6. Sunny day? Make a shark suncatcher! It’s adorable! Buggy and Buddy

7. Like to craft with paper plates? Make this rocking paper plate craft! Artsy Momma

8. As back to school is also “the thing” why not make a fierce pencil holder. Craft Klatch

9. Just want to learn more about sharks? You’re going to love these resources. The Natural Homeschool

10. Toddlers and preschoolers like to make footprint and handprint art so they are going to love this footprint craft. Glued to My Crafts

Shark Week Madness

11. If you’re thinking of making some treats with your kids this adorable and easy to make marshmallow pops are a must!

12. Or make this wiggly shark snack. The Joys of Boys

13. I scream for ice cream sandwich. Reading Confetti

14. You can also make shark jell-o snacks! Artsy Momma

15. Love I spy games? Then print this printable shark I spy game! Simple Fun for Kids

16. Working on fine motor skills? Give this fun game a try! School Time Snippets

17. Another clever idea is to turn golf balls into sharks! How fun is that? Craft Klatch

18. Go crazy with the duct tape and make this awesome craft. Naturally Educational

19. Another lovely sensory experience – make a shark sensory water bin. 3 Dinosaurs

20. If you or your kids are into simple sewing project you must play around with this funky shark purse.

21. You can also make a pretty fierce looking jewelry holder (or a wall decor). Creative Green Living

22. Re-purpose old washcloths and make a shark puppet! So You Think You’re Crafty

23. How about playing around with an actual shark tooth (a fossil one to add to the fun)? Check out how to make a stunning shark tooth necklace! Fall for DIY

24. Or make a pack of absolutely awesome yet scary looking DIY coasters! Perfect for a shark week party! Craft Klatch

25. I’ve been loving the clothespin crafts lately and this shark clothespin is a must make project. Estefi Machado

26. Lastly a fun project for all ages – make a pair of shark socks! Dollar Store Crafts

via Little Bins for Little Hands: Celebrate with science is our motto around here! Not a holiday passes without some sort of special science activity or homemade slime theme! we have 4th of July science activities that double as awesome simple chemistry activities too! Plus a few more surprises too! Homemade science and STEM make any celebration a real event!


Kids love theme science activities and experiments…

The novelty of the colors and accessories turns the holiday prep into something extra special. Especially if you love fireworks, parades, and fairs like we do!

Explore chemistry through different kinds of reactions including baking soda and vinegar experiments, alka seltzer activities, candy science, and of course our slime recipes!

Let me know what else you would add to the fun…

Share science activities with kids this summer! It’s a joy to watch their minds light up as they experiment with new materials. Join our 100 days of summer STEM activities for week to week themes!

Our 4th of July science activities make a perfect theme week for the 4th! Use our FREE printable planner below to get started.


4th of July Slime is simple to make with our easiest slime recipe ever! Slime is cool science and sensory play for kids of all ages. Adults too! Or try this fourth of July fluffy slime!


A 4th of July Ice Melt is perfect for a hot summer day and it can even be taken outside. Although we love ice melting activities all year round!


Fizzing Stars is a fun melting science activity and fizzy eruption all in one with a 4th of July star theme!


4th of July Cookie Cutter Baking Soda Science has to be one of the quickest and easiest science activities ever! Plus you can set it up with so many different themes all year long like Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day!


Independence Day Structures tests your STEM skills with designing and building your own stable structures!


Our LEGO American Flag is made using the basic LEGO bricks! Everyone can make this simple American Flag design. Plus there is a little bit of information on the history of the flag!


Pop Rockets are super simple and only need a couple supplies for a neat chemical reaction.


Patriotic Discovery Bottle is a little bit science and a little bit visual sensory fun!


Magic Milk Fireworks is a play on the classic magic milk science experiment. It does really look like a little firework exploding in the milk. Stick with a blue and red theme for Independence Day or try all the colors since fireworks are pretty colorful!


American Flag Density Tower from Teaching Mama is a great way to explore the density of liquids with a 4th of July theme. Which liquid is the lightest?


Mint Fireworks from Playdough To Plato is a also a classic candy dissolving science activity but check out what the mints look like as dissolve! Test different temperatures of water too!


Fireworks In A Jar from I Can Teach My Child is another fun density experiment using oil and water but in a different way than the density tower above.


The Science Behind Fireworks with Steve Spangler {YouTube video} allows us to use our technology to learn more about fireworks.

What more can you ask for combining patriotic play, cool science, and 4th of July Activities for summer!