Kids’ Crafts Using Paper

Paper could be called the ultimate craft material. There are so many types of paper, from tissue paper to shiny magazine pictures, and from basic construction paper to newsprint. Here are some ideas for some creative paper crafts for kids using this fun medium.

Easy Crafts for Kids

1. Paper Lantern

Like many paper crafts, you can use a variety of paper types for this craft. Leftover wrapping paper is particularly attractive, but you can use catalogues, magazines, or construction paper. If you have an old phone book, you could even use pages from that! All you need is the paper, scissors, and glue. Here’s how.

* Fold a rectangular piece of paper in half lengthwise.

* Cut slits along the fold, 1/4 to 1/2 inch apart, stopping about an inch from the top edge.

* Unfold the paper, and then turn it sideways.

* Curve the cut paper around and attach the short ends of the rectangle using the glue (clear tape or staples would also work).

* To make a handle, simply take a strip of paper and glue each end across the top, leaving a curve over the top. If you like, make lots of lanterns and string them on a cord or yarn using this handle.

2. Paper Bags

Crafts for Kids

If you take your lunch to school or work, you know how many of these handy little bags you go through. Why not recycle a few with some crafts? Here are some paper bag craft ideas.

* Gift Bag – Decorate a brown bag with a stencil, stamp, or free-hand painting and create a custom gift bag, perfect for a jar candle or other similarly-shaped gift.

* Puppets – Fold a paper bag so that its bottom is flush with the side (the way it usually is in the package). On the flap, which is the underside of the bag when it’s unfolded, make a face using cut-outs from construction paper, feathers, buttons, markers, googly eyes and so forth. Bird faces work well because the beak overlaps and covers the flap like an upper “lip.” Put your hand in a have fun!

Paper craft for kids

* Luminaries – Using a hole-punch, cut designs in the sides of a folded paper bag. Open it up, and then fill the bottom with an inch or so of sand. In the middle of the sand, well away from the sides of the bag, insert a votive candle or tea light. Use these only outdoors on concrete or asphalt, away from any grass, leaves, or other foliage and objects.

3. House

Paper Crafts for Kids

Search online or at your local library for a template of a paper house. It will have tabs along the edges of the template that you will use to attach the “walls.” Print it out or photocopy it, using the paper type and color of your choice. Then color the parts if you like. The template can then be cut out and assembled by folding along the lines and gluing the tabs together.

Try out these fun and easy paper crafts for kids to spark their creativity!

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