Using Home Assistant Devices to Help Kids with Learning Disabilities

As the technology advances, smart home devices or home assistant devices are getting more accessible, affordable and popular. People nowadays can easily afford a smarter home without the need to spend a fortune.

There are many hands-frees, voice-activated and easy to use smart home devices available in the market. They are capable to answer your questions and perform your commanded tasks on their own such as helping you to control the lights or play some music.

Apart from making our life easier, did you know that these devices can also serve as Assistive technology (AT) to boost the learning capabilities of kids with learning and attention issues?

They are especially useful to help your kids with spelling and sounding out words, reading and writing, solving some basic math problems, and even help to keep your kids on track with their schedules.

In this video, assistive technology consultant Jamie Martin will show you how to use your smart home devices as AT for your kids. Check it out now and comment below to let us know what you think about the use of smart home devices as AT!

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