Tips for Aluminum Can Recycling

Via Waste Wise: If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash while also helping the environment, you should consider recycling aluminum cans. Saving aluminum cans is easy to do, and a few cans here and there can really add up over time. In order to ensure you get paid for your recycling efforts, here are some things you should do before taking your aluminum to a recycling center.

Rinse and Drain Cans
Rinse each can out before placing it in a bag to be recycled. Cans with residue in them could attract insects, which is something you definitely do not want to do. Drain any extra water from your can by turning it upside down and letting it drip dry.

Crush to Save Space
You’ll probably want to wait until you have a full load before you take your cans in for recycling. When you crush your cans, you’ll be able to haul around twice as many in your vehicle, which means your efforts can pay off even more.

Use Caution when Picking
The good thing about aluminum can recycling is that you can easily find these cans lying beside the road or in trash cans. If you do decide to collect these cans, use caution so as not to cut yourself on exposed metal. Wear gloves when going through trash cans, and consider investing in a special tool to help you pick up cans from alongside the highway hands free.

Don’t use Cans for Other Purposes
You won’t be able to recycle your cans if you use them as ashtrays or place rocks or other debris in them. Avoid using aluminum cans for other purposes and you won’t have to pick through them at the recycling center in order to remove those that are unacceptable.

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