Teaching Your Kids to Set the Table

For many of us, rushing to set up the dining table for dinner after a long, long day of work and a round of cooking can be pretty tiring and frustrating, isn’t it? Well, there is a pretty good solution to this – getting your kids to help with meal-time preparation!

You can get your kids to help out by setting up the table so that you won’t need to rush it right after your cooking is done. For kids aged 5 and above, they would be more than ready to learn this fundamental chore from you!

To start, talk to your kids to let them know how important their task is to get them valuing the task they do and to secure their interest. For younger children, do be mindful to leave out sharp cutleries and task them with handling dishes which are less easily breakable. On the other hand, older kids can help out with transferring cooked dishes to the table and in the setting up of sharper cutleries such as a knife. At the beginning, your kids may be unfamiliar with the setup and where things are, so be sure to have whatever needed on the table readily available on a kitchen counter where they can easily retrieve them to help ease the setup process.

Setting up the table is an excellent way for your children to help out before mealtime. So, be very sure to teach them how with this easy-to-follow video clip!

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