via hungryhobby: Healthy Oatmeal Pecan Cookies are a deliciously sweet way to start your day or a great anytime snack! Gluten, Dairy, and Egg Free

I know I know I’ve been teasing you guys with these cookies for way too long! I’m sorry, but they are finally here for you to devour as soon as you can whip them up! As you guys know, I made these to comply with Mr. Hungry’s MRT/LEAP test, and he was very grateful for them!

Because if you have to comply with a food sensitivity test at least you can eat cookies! How is that going???? Well, unfortunately, he caught a really bad cold literally at the start of week one. He isn’t the first client I have had that this happened too. Since the point of the test is to isolate the gut and put it in an anti-inflammatory bubble, it get’s tough to stick to the protocol when you get sick. Any medication taken is outside the test protocol because it’s untested, so it is considered an unknown. In other words, because we didn’t test for Sudafed or Mucinex we have no idea how his immune system reacts to those chemicals. However, we do know those medications are harsh on the gut anyways, so it can be assumed they are gut irritants. So what do you do? Well if he had been a client and not my husband I would have asked they wait till they get better to start the protocol. It’s not like he couldn’t still enjoy cookies right?

However, Mr. Hungry was sure it was just a passing cold. Since I woke up sick on the same day as him and was feeling much better 48 hours later, I figured he would be able to pull through pretty quickly. We had no idea he would end up in the emergency room from a violent reaction to a Z-pack prescribed for bronchitis. He is fine now, but at the time they ran a ton of scans to make sure he didn’t have appendicitis because his pain was very concerning. Despite all of this, Mr. Hungry continued to adhere to his results, refraining from introducing new foods for an entire 11 days. I guess he figured he was feeling so sick that he might as well keep going, at least during all this he could limit any additional gut irritation. He also didn’t have much of an appetite, so bland food was better anyway. He is also on a six-week timeline before he goes to Las Vegas, he wanted to make it through all his tested foods before then. What I couldn’t understand is why he got so sick, and I recovered in 48 hours. At first, I did a ton of joking about the “man cold.” I mean, he is young, very active and athletic. He doesn’t have an overly stressful job or lack sleep, so it doesn’t make sense. Then I remembered what I tell my clients, all the time, EIGHTY PERCENT OF YOUR IMMUNITY IS LOCATED IN YOUR GI TRACT. So, if you are getting sick frequently and unable to fend off the common cold it could be because your GI health is compromised. His Vitamin D also came back low, which is a huge nutrient player in the immune system.