Teaching friendship skills to children is one important mission that parents need to take on to develop the social skills in their children.

This mission however could be especially hard for parents of introverted kids.

Even though some kids are born shy and introverted, social skills are still an important lesson to be taught to them.

Teaching friendship skills to kids will have a tremendous impact to our kids’ wellbeing. It happens so because kids who bond better with their friends can harvest better sense of belonging which help them to develop their emotional skills and reduce stress.

Watch this video now for how you can help your kids making friends if social skills do not come naturally to them.

Do you remember back in the days when making friends was a child’s play?

In the following video, these modern kids are asked to meet new friends when they see some one dines alone in a restaurant.

These innocent and kind kids will show you how easy is it to make friend with some one you have just met.

Watching how these kids making friends with the lonely strangers could be the most heart-warming thing you will see to make your day.

Are your children able to meet new friends as effortlessly as these kids do? Comment below to share with us now!

Remember when making friends was child's play?

Remember when making friends was child's play? Credit: Campaign to End Loneliness

Posted by Bored Panda on Thursday, May 10, 2018