Via Small Town Soul: The Best Natural Remedy For Bug Bites

Bugs love me, and they love my daughter as well. We use this natural remedy to treat the bites, because it’s safe for the whole family!

Bug bites don’t bother my husband. They may itch for a few seconds, but the relief is quick. I am not like my husband.

No matter what kind of bug bites me, my skin around the bite site turns red and the it itches for days. I can’t stand it, but I carry my arsenal of essential oils with me at all times so I can treat them immediately. I’ve even found one combination that clears up the bites within hours!

Which Essential Oils Are Best To Treat Bug Bites?

The top two oils recommended to treat bug bites are lavender and tea tree (melaleuca) oil. Lavender is a soothing oil, which helps to reduce the itching and burning of the bite. Tea tree is an antiseptic oil, which means that it goes into the wound to actually clear up the bite.

Together, these two oils sooth the bite area and penetrate into the wound to clear out any venom that the insect has injected into the skin.

How Do I Apply These Oils?

This bug bite remedy is best applied in a roller ball. Simply add 10 drops of lavender and tea tree oil to a roller ball, fill to the top with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil), and apply directly to the site. The itching and burning should stop within a few minutes. If not, simply reapply as many times as needed.

In my experience, the itching stops almost immediately, and the bite is completely gone within 12 to 24 hours. If you don’t have a roller ball available, add a drop of each oil to your hand, mix with a little bit of your carrier oil, and apply to the bite.

Photo Credit: Abi Porter

Is This Safe For Kids?

YES! Essential oils are safe for use on children when properly diluted. You never want to place an oil on a child without a carrier oil present, due to the sensitivity of children’s skin. However, the roller ball recipe mentioned above is 100% safe for use on children.

In fact, last summer, my three year old niece came into the house crying because of a bug bite. We used this recipe on her, and she was calm and back out playing within just a few minutes. Not only is it safe for children, but it is also extremely effective.