Our thoughts and beliefs about money have a massive impact on our prosperity in life.

Many of these thoughts are rooted in what we see, hear, and experience as children.

For parents who are concerned about their kids’ financial literacy, this video is what you need to watch regarding financial education for kids.

In this video, MBA, CPA, and Certified Financial PlannerTM, Ellen Rogin discusses about the surprising ways that parents should use to provide the best financial education for kids.

Watch it now to find out how teaching kids about money should be. Comment below to share with us whether do you agree!

Teaching kids about money are one of the most important responsibilities of parents.

Have you ever come across your kids asking you “Are we rich?”. How would you respond to their question?

It does not make sense to lie to your kids about money. Sooner or later, they will find out the right answer.

If you are not sure about how should you answer to your kids and how would your responses affect them, check out this video now on how to talk to your kids about money!

Next time when your kids ask this tricky question, tweak it into a lesson of gratitude instead!