It is that time of the year when every child is down with cough, flu, and fever. If your child is suffering from the same problems due to the weather change, we are sure that you are in search of great flu remedies for kids.

Flu Symptoms: When You Should Call a Doctor

Get in touch with your child’s pediatrician if they suffer from the following symptoms for more than a week:

  • They have trouble breathing
  • They have earache
  • They have high fever
  • They are vomiting that generally starts after coughing
  • They have sinus or tonsils


Flu Remedies for Kids

Tips To Treat Flu and Improve Health

There are so many viruses that can cause flu in children. In order to make sure that your child recovers their health, you can use the following home remedies:

  • Make sure that the child gets ample rest and uses their energy on getting well
  • Make them drink a lot of hot beverages because that will loosen the mucus and will keep them hydrated.
  • Use a humidifier by placing one in your child’s room. It helps in keeping the air moist and helps with the chest congestion.
  • If the cough is persistent, take your child to the pediatrician.
  • Make them gargle with warm water so that they feel better.
  • Give them pain relieving medicines like ibuprofen after consulting the doctor


Natural Remedies

There are a number of natural flu remedies for kids that you can use to help them with the flu.

    • You need to make sure that they are well hydrated and this you can only accomplish by giving them water at regular intervals. Dehydration can cause a number of problems in children, and can raise their temperature. Look out for signs of dehydration that include no tetras, dry lips, infrequent urination, and dry skin. If you have an infant, you should breastfeed them more often to make sure that they are well hydrated and are getting all the important nutrients.


      • Make sure that you clear your child’s stuffed nose by breaking down the mucus. Nasal sprays aren’t recommended for really young children, so you can use a cool-mist humidifier. Another great option is to blow out with the help of a bulb syringe, right before bed.


    • If your child is over a year old, you can give them honey instead of medicine as it has anti bacterial properties.


    • Your child needs to rest in order to recover faster. Make sure that they are comfortable and run them lukewarm baths before they go to sleep. If its winter time, make sure the room is warm.


      • If nothing works and the health refuses to improve, you need to take the child to the doctor. Ask them about the precautions that you can take once your child’s health improves.


In conclusion, these are some of the flu remedies for kids that you can use.