Outdoor Playground

If you are thinking of what are some of the physical activities for kids you can start with. Think no more. It’s actually so much easier to get kids to exercise than adults. Rule of thumb – keep the fun, play and fit will follow!

Children’s Playground

An outdoor playground, is one of the best place to start. With all the running, jumping, climbing and stretching, to them it is all play but for us adults those are exercise for kids.

So, if you have one near you, go out and let them play! Let them be explorative and imaginative. Encourage them create their own games and enjoy their self-made little adventure. All we need to do is follow their lead. It is really that simple.

However, if they are stuck in a rut and no one’s moving. They’re all mopping around which may never happen obviously if they are at a playground. But just in case it does, here are some playground games using the equipments to spice things up:

Playground Olympics – The whole family can participate in this. The rules: You have to go through all the playground equipment (swing on swings, slide down slides, climb all the bars and rock the seesaws), and whoever gets through first wins. Repeat couple of times till tired or bored. If you have small kids, even you can get a workout by helping them with the equipment.

Standing Swing – Your child likes a bit of a challenge. This is how you play: Have your child stand with both feet on the swing and hold tightly onto the chains with both hands. For an older child, challenge core strength by encouraging him to get himself swinging independently.  For younger child, gently push and see if he can keep his balance and tolerate the sensory experience of swinging while standing. Stay close to your kids when they do this.

Monkeying Around – Monkey bars are always very popular with the older kids. Kick it up a notch by timing how fast your child could complete the bars. In no time, he will want to challenge his personal best time.

Role-playing Ground – Playground equipment are awesome for the role-playing games. Imagine it to be a spaceship, a castle or maybe mountains with waterfall! Sky’s the limit. Let their imagination run wild and you can play along too!

Ok, so enough of the reading for now. Go on move along now and enjoy your day out in the sun!