Scrabble for Younger Kids

Word games for kids offers many benefits to our kids. It helps to improve kids’ focus on sounds and letters, help them to fall in love with words and to develop basic skills they need for reading, writing and spelling.

Parents who play word games such as junior scrabble with their kids, are able to offer their kids quality time spent together and demonstrate to their kids on the fun of playing with words.

Are you interested to start playing word games for kids with your little ones? Check out the following article now for a few tips you could use to adapt the game Scrabble for your younger kids!

Via Mama Smiles: Scrabble for Younger Kids

There are few board games that my kids enjoy long before they learn how to play using the proper rules, and Scrabble is one of them! The great thing about games like this is that they grow with your child – and they tend to remain interesting throughout adulthood, since the rules change as you grow! Today I’m sharing some easy ways to adapt Scrabble for younger kids, just like we simplified Monopoly.

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Adapting Scrabble for Kids

We adapt our Scrabble play based on our kids’ ages. All of my kids adore travel Scrabble because the pieces lock into place so neatly. They have played it at my sister’s house; for now we only have traditional Scrabble (with pieces that slide around on the board), but we may invest in the travel version as a family gift this Christmas.

For two-year-old Anna, this is a (supervised, since the pieces are so small) fine motor game. Anna really has to focus to get the pieces into the squares! She has an easier time with the travel version of this game, since she can count on the pieces staying in place.

Five-year-old Lily mostly plays with the different letters, placing them randomly around the board. Lily is starting kindergarten this fall, and playing with the Scrabble pieces is a great way for her to get more familiar with the letters of the alphabet, and to see them as being fun to manipulate.

Six-year-old Johnny (starting first grade this month) enjoys spelling as many words as he can with the Scrabble tiles. He does not usually get the words all lined up perfectly, but he does enjoy swapping tiles out to spell new words. I think Johnny would really love Upwords, but it doesn’t seem to be made any more – pity, because Mike and I both remember loving it as kids!

Eight-year-old Emma really enjoys playing Scrabble properly. Emma loves words, and she is even learning how to use the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary!

Does your family play Scrabble? Do you change the games of traditional board games?

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