Reading to Active Kids

MAma speaks:

“I love reading. My kids on the other hand, just have so much energy to burn. The take home from this is to be consistent, allocate 20 mins daily reading to them so that it eventually turns into a habit.”

Besides keeping children safe and healthy, parents should also practice reading to their kids.

The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) is encouraging parents to improve their kids’ literacy by beginning to read to their children starting from a young age. Research has revealed that early reading with children actually helps them in learning how to speak, engage, bond with their parents and get into a reading habit in their early years by themselves. It also helps when they are reading with kids who already know how to read, and the knowledge gathered from reading can help make them feel closer to their caretakers as they become more emphathetic, and comprehend the world around them better as well.

Furthermore, the stories kids hear when they’re young are the ones that they keep in mind the most. As such, reading together with their mom and dad allows them to have a lot of warm and unforgettable family memories. It has also been proven that reading to kids can help in strengthening the bond between parents and their kids, resulting in better relationships in the long run.

You have already made up your mind and decided that you would like to read more to your kids, but thinking that they mightn’t sit still and listen? Then check out this video now for top tips on how you can read to your active kids more effectively!

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