How to Set Up Fishing Gear for Kids

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You don’t need to buy expensive fishing gear for kids to start fishing. Even a simple setup can catch a ton of fish, according to fishing pro Tom Redington. The key is to keep the fishing kit small and light — light pole, light line, line bobber — and kids will have more fun and catch more fish.

Start with a small hook. Although it seems like a big hook would work better, a little hook is much more effective at catching the smaller fish and can still hook the big ones. Next, put a little split shot weight just a few inches above the hook, followed by a small bobber.

Smaller bobbers are more sensitive, so choose one that’s just big enough to hold up the weight of the sinker. Clip the bobber about a foot from the end of the line. By keeping the bobber pretty shallow, you’ll avoid snags and keep your bait visible to fish that are looking up to feed.

The line should also be light. Six-pound test is universal, but anything between four- to eight-pound test line will work great to catch crappie, bass, catfish and panfish.

An entry-level rod and reel is fine for kids or beginners. Click here for more information about choosing a fishing rod.

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