How To Motivate Children To Learn In The Classroom

How to motivate children to learn in the classroom

Thinking about how to motivate children to learn in the classroom? We all know how hard it is to motivate children when it comes to doing work in the classroom, thanks to their small attention spans and their habit of preferring to do things later. If you are a teacher, you need to learn how to motivate children in the classroom so that they can learn better and are more focused. Here are some tips that will help you out:

Learning How to Motivate Children to Learn In the Classroom

Praise Their Efforts

Everyone loves being praised and same goes for children. Some of the ways in which you can promote learning in children are:

• Recognizing their work in class
• Presenting and displaying their work on the class board
• Sending praising notes home to the parents
• Having a weekly award system
• Acknowledging the students hard work in whatever way you can
• Leaving positive comments on their written work

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Avoid Extremely High Expectations

In order to motivate children, you need to avoid having unrealistic expectations from them. One great way to go about is to let them know about your realistic expectations. Make sure that the child sets goals for themselves and that you celebrate whenever they achieve a goal or reach a milestone.

Spread Happiness

You need to show that you are very enthusiastic about the subject you are teaching. In order to help them understand better, you need to give them appropriate examples. If you are teaching really young kids, one great way is to use alliteration because such phrases are easier to remember.

Mix It Up to Motivate Children

Different people will claim that different teaching methods work for a child. In order to cater to every child, you need to have an eclectic approach that includes a mix of all the teaching styles. Make sure that you break down all the activities that you will do in class. One great way to go about is:

• Have an introduction
• Introduce the new concept
• Have discussion
• Have a group activity
• Close the class with a Q/A session

Just make sure that the students know what you expect from them and that they come prepared for the class.

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Give Them Classroom Jobs

On great way to encourage learning in children is to assign them tasks for the week. Some of the classroom jobs include:

• Cleaning the boards
• Pick start of class music
• putting up chairs
• Take Attendance
• Update Calendar
• Watch class pet

Tips to Motivate Children

• Know the names of the students
• Pay attention to the students needs
• Encourage interaction and shared learning
• Maintain eye contact
• Give examples
• Encourage students to share their views
• Plan fun activities
• Be consistent

In conclusion, you know now how to motivate children to learn in the classroom.

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