Different Styles of Tap Dancing For Kids

Kids tap dancing is one of the best kids’ activities you could get your kids to try.

Tap dancing can offer kids a lot of physical benefits including helping kids to strengthen their muscles, allowing kids to develop good balance and coordination.

Kids tap dancing can also help to boost your kids’ self confidence by giving them a creative outlet to channel their energy.

By going to tap dancing classes, our kids will be able to meet more peers of their ages, hence enhance their social skills which will be helpful to them in the future.

Are you interested to let your kids learn to tap dance? Start it off by learning the types of tap dance now, check out this article to find out now!

Via Performing Dance Arts: Different Styles of Tap Dancing for Kids

Tap dance, the dance form that uses the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor, is one of the most unique and captivating styles of the dance arts. Most dance is set to music, but in tap, performers actually create some of the sounds with their dancing. If you’re looking for a tap class for kids in Toronto, then there are several stylistic factors you may want to consider before you decide.

Styles of Tap Dance

Several different styles of tap dance exist that all evolved from unique time periods, vantage points, and cultural roots. Here is a brief list of the different styles of tap dance.

Classical Tap

Also going by the name flash or swing tap, classical tap was popularized through 20th century movies. Consisting of a combination of jazz dance, ballet, and acrobatics, famous tap dancers include the Nicholas Brothers, who are credited with making significant contributions to promoting and publicizing classical tap.

Rhythm Tap

Tap dancing shoes create their own percussion on the floor. This is the focus in rhythm tap, as the shoes themselves are instruments. Sounds can be made by striking the heel, among other techniques. Usually, rhythm tap dancing is performed without musical accompaniment.

Musical (or Broadway) Tap

This style combines both traditional tap dancing with Broadway, and is suited to musical theater-style show dancing. The visual aesthetics of the dance are given more focus here, with an emphasis on using the upper body and arms.

Funk Tap

Taking cues from both hip hop and funk, this is a new, evolved contemporary dance form that is a lot of fun. This is a great style for keeping classes interesting while building jazz dancing skills.

Why Should Your Child Learn Tap Dance?

Learning to dance teaches children about the arts, athleticism, aesthetics, and work ethic. Tap dance provides an environment for learning with a structured method in a fun, creative way. Furthermore, there are benefits to a child’s outlook, self-esteem, self-confidence and social life that can all be gained by taking tap dance classes.

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