Dealing With Bad Behavior

Nothing pushes a parent’s buttons more than their kids’ bad behavior.

In today’s world, good manners, rules, and respect seem to be a foreign idea to many kids. Many parents are cracking their heads to find tips on how to deal with kids’ bad behavior.

Michele Borba, Ph.D., the parents’ advisor, and the author has once said that it is a mistake for parents to assume that kids’ bad behavior is a phase that will go away on its own. This opinion is also well supported by Alex J. Packer, Ph.D. an author, educator, and psychologist mentioning those good manners need to be taught, discussed and practiced.

Kids pick up on how to react and respond through modeling, which means watching and imitating the people around them. They learn from what they see by watching their parents, teachers, and even movie stars and rappers whom they are exposed to. If your kids are exposed to rude or bad behaviors, they are most likely going to model it.

Looking for ways to deal with kids’ bad behaviors? Watch this video now for the tips you need on how to deal with kids’ bad behavior.

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