ADHD Could Be The Key To Genius

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or previously known as attention deficit disorder (ADD), is a the most commonly identified mental disorder in kids. It typically affects more boys than girls.

ADHD in kids is typically discovered during the early academic years, when a kid starts to face issues in focus and concentration.

ADHD in kids is a complicated psychological health disorder that make it challenging for kids to prevent their spontaneous reactions which include everything from speech to attentiveness to movement. It could impact on your kid’s academic performance and their relationships with others.

The signs of ADHD differ from one kids’ experience to another and are often hard to recognize. ADHD in kids may cause the kids to have trouble paying attention or being unable control their impulses and hyperactive. These behaviors shall constantly disrupt and interfere with the kids’ school and home life.

But the good news is, having Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder might be the key to some genius’ success such as of Leonardo Da Vinci’s! Check out this video for why Leonardo Da Vinci is suspected to have ADHD now!

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