9 home remedies for diarrhoea in children

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Diarrhoea in children is a matter of concern for most parents. This is because loose and watery motions do indicate that there is something wrong with your baby’s digestive system, however most times they are due to viral or bacterial infections and settle on their own. While bacterial infections can cause loose and frequent stools throughout the day, a viral infection would lead to watery stools. which can make your child drained out of energy. Medications in either case should be given only after consultation with the paediatrician.

However, there are a host of home remedies you can look for to give your child some instant relief. Here are few remedies that work well in children suffering from diarrhoea:

1. Rice cunjee:

Diarrhoea could also lead to dehydration in children with loss of essential salts and minerals. It is imperative to rehydrate your baby with fluids and other healthy solutions. Rice cunjee stands to be very effective in treating diarrhoea in children. Since the cunjee is rich in starch, it helps counter watery motions and replenishes the body with essential fluids. Here are reasons why you shouldn’t panic over your child’s loose motions.

How to make it:

Take a handful of white or brown rice and boil it in a pan with 500 ml of water, until it is cooked well. Strain the water in a container. To this, add one spoonful of salt and boil it for few more minute. If you wish you can also add more water to it and make the consistency thinner for better intake. Give four to five spoons of this liquid to your child after each motion. Make it a point to give your child this solution throughout the day until the problem settles.

2. Sugar-salt solution:

Your child will lose out on salt and sugar along with the watery stools, which is the prime cause of dehydration. To help the body recover from the loss, a homemade sugar-salt solution works best.

How to make it:

Boil one litre of water and allow it to cool. To this, add one teaspoon of salt and eight teaspoons of sugar. Mix it well so that both the salt and sugar dissolves in the water. This solution stands to be an excellent remedy to prevent dehydration during diarrhoea. However, if you wish, you can also squeeze half a lemon to the solution and make it taste better. Adding lemon will also ensure that your child gets replenished with potassium along with salt and sugar.

3. Boiled potatoes:

Although, having fluids and water during diarrhoea is apt, one cannot ignore the fact that your child needs to eat nutritious food too. With diminished appetite, food plays an important role during recovery. Boiled potatoes during diarrhoea is easy on the stomach and can help your child stay satiated. Starch present in the potatoes help harden the stool and counter diarrhoea. Here are seven health benefits of potatoes you should know about.

How to make it:

Boil one or two medium sized potatoes with its skin in a pan or pressure cook it. Peel the skin of the potato and mash it well. Add few drops of water if necessary with a pinch of salt. Give few spoons of this preparation to your child during meal times. However, avoid force feeding and allow your child to eat as much as she can. Alternatively, a preparation of dal-khichdi with potatoes is an excellent meal combination while countering diarrhoea.

4. Mustard water:

Not many people would like to try this remedy, but mustard water can go a long way in treating diarrhoea. The anti-inflammatory properties of mustard can help soothe the stomach and fight infections to stop the symptoms. Here are 10 health benefits of mustard seeds you should know about.

How to make it:

Take one spoonful of mustard seeds and heat it in a pan. Once the seeds flutter, add water to it and allow it to boil. Drain the water and let it cool. Once the water has cooled down, add a few drops of honey to it and offer the solution to your child. Remember two to three glasses of the solution can help treat diarrhoea at home.

5. Ginger juice:

Ginger has antibacterial properties that help heal internal infections. This is a reason why ginger juice stands to be effective in treating diarrhoea in children. Here are 10 reasons to have ginger tea for good health.

How to make it:

Take half a stalk of ginger and grate it. Add this to 500 ml of water and allow it to boil. Next, drain the water and allow it to cool. Give your child few sips of this water throughout the day. To make it drinkable add few drops of honey to the juice.

6. Herbal tea:

Special kind of herbal teas are known to help ease symptoms of diarrhoea in both young and adults. However, not all children would like to sip herbal tea. Chamomile tea, in particular, due to its anti-inflammatory properties helps fight diarrhoea and other bacterial infections of the stomach.

How to make it:

Take few leaves of the herbal plant and boil it in a pan with 500 ml of water. Next, strain out the tea and add a few drops of honey to it. Offer your child this tea twice a day till the symptoms exist.
Apart from these above mentioned remedies here are a few more things that can help to treat diarrhoea:

7. Lemon juice:

While suffering from diarrhoea, a glass full of lemon juice can help ease the symptoms by neutralising the acids in the stomach and countering bacterial infections. Here is why you should have a glass of lemon juice everyday.

8. Coconut water:

This is an excellent remedy to help your child rehydrate and replenish all lost salts and nutrients along with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Here are top five health benefits of coconut water.


9. Buttermilk:

The good bacteria present in buttermilk or yoghurt help soothe the inner lining of the stomach, fight infection and combat diarrhoea.

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