8 Surprising Traits of a Middle Child

via bluestone: The 12th of August is the official day of the middle child. We couldn’t let the day go by without celebrating what makes them great! Here are 8 traits that prove it pays to be the middle child:

1. Exceptional negotiators
It isn’t unusual for a middle child to become a master of negotiation. Without the leverage of being “the oldest” or “the youngest”, they will often use the art of negotiation to get their own way.

2. Great leaders
Historically, middle children have proven to be very successful leaders. Did you know that 52% of all US presidents have been a middle child? That includes former presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy!

3. Admirably empathetic
The experience of being both a younger and older sibling makes it easier for middle children to emphasise. This often makes them the peacemaker or “glue” that holds the family together.

4. Beautifully Creative
It’s not uncommon for a middle child to look for adventurous ways to express themselves. This often leads them to becoming very creative and innovative people.

5. Refreshingly Laid back
By the time the second child comes along, parents are often more comfortable with their parenting style. This often makes for a more relaxed upbringing and a “laid back” second child.

6. Inspiringly Open Minded
Closeness to an older and younger sibling allows them to engage with different interests and opinions from an early age. This exposure leads them to become more accepting and open minded individuals.

7. Amazingly Ambitious
Middle children will often strive for greatness and grow into very ambitious adults. Just ask co-founder of Microsoft and number 1 on the Forbes rich list; Bill Gates!

8. Wonderfully Independent
Whilst the oldest and youngest siblings are used to getting the most attention, middle children become fiercely independent and capable.

So that’s our 8 traits that make middle children so great! Of course there are many more but next time you hear the term “middle child syndrome”, you’ll know that it is in no way an insult!

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