10 Ways to Use Ginger for Colds and Cough in Babies and Kids

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Can ginger be used as a home remedy for babies and toddlers?

How to use ginger to relieve cough and cold?

This is the hard season change time when your babies and kids are more prone to get infected by cold and cough.

Cold and cough makes the babies cranky and increases their discomfort. They may find it difficult to sleep or to engage in any activities due to cold and congested chest and helpless babies thus turn cranky. As parents we tend to take utmost care of children especially during their discomfort.

In most of the cases cold and cough can be treated with home remedies as there are many home remedies available for these common infections in babies/ kids. Most common and popular one is the use of ginger.

Ginger is often used for medicinal purposes especially for soothing sore throat, cold and cough caused by common cold.

This article will give you detailed information on how and why you should use ginger for colds and coughs remedy.

What is so special about ginger?

Ginger is a flowering plant with leafy stems. It is closely related to turmeric and cardamom. It is also called inji or adrak.

The rhizome, that is the underground root of the ginger plant, is used widely as a spice in various cuisines and for medicinal purposes and is called ginger root or simply ginger. It is pungent, aromatic and spicy.

Ginger root is a powerhouse of nutrients and bioactive compounds that are beneficial for your physical and mental health.

Ginger root can be used raw, dried, powdered or can be even pickled. The juice extracted from the root is also used in many recipes, both food and medicine.

The unique flavor and fragrance of ginger root is attributed to the natural oils present in ginger. One of the important natural oil is gingerol. The presence of gingerol gives ginger its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties making it an apt ingredient in many medicines and home remedies.

How can ginger help to treat cold and cough?

  • Ginger has anti microbial properties, which help to cure cold and fight against infections.
  • Anti oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help in boosting immunity.
  • Ginger contains aromatic chemicals called phenyl alkyl ketones (a gingerol), which have medicinal properties.
  • Dried rhizomes of ginger are proved to have anti-rhino-viral activity. Rhinoviruses are the major reason for common cold in humans.
  • It acts as a antihistamine and decongestant that helps to reduce cold symptoms.
  • Ginger contains essential oils that help in reducing cold and cough symptoms
  • Natural sedative in ginger comforts the babies/ toddlers from the cold and congestion symptoms.

Now you know how is ginger good for colds. Yes due to the above properties it is very commonly used to treat flu symptoms.

Is ginger effective only for relieving cough and cold symptoms?

Nope, the powers of this wonder rhizome are not restricted to treating common cold and cough only. The medicinal properties of ginger can be utilized and is effective for a wide range of ailments. The benefits of eating ginger are many.

  • Ginger is used for enhancing digestion and absorption
  • It is good for nausea and morning sickness
  • Ginger can fight bacterial diarrhea
  • Ginger can reduce vomiting and motion sickness
  • Ginger has anti-tumor activities that can help fight certain type of cancer
  • Ginger can reduce muscle pain and soreness
  • Ginger helps improve the health of your heart

Even after having knowledge of benefits of this wonder spice, many don’t know how to use and give it to kids/ babies.

Is ginger safe for babies?

Yes ginger is safe for babies if given in small quantities. Ginger can be introduced to babies from 10 to 11 months. Some even introduce it at 8 months of age.

Apart from using it to treat cold and cough in babies, it can be included in their food too to spice up their food.

Raw ginger is less hot while dried ginger is spicier. So use ginger accordingly for babies and kids as they may not be able to tolerate the spice levels of ginger. A very small quantity is enough for babies and kids.

Now as we know that ginger is safe for babies and it can help treat common cold and cough let us see the ways you can give ginger to your babies/ kids to treat cold and cough.

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