Nowadays, stress, tension and anxiety are no longer the issues faced by solely adults.

Kids are reported to be able to recognise and feel stress at as early as their first grades.

Moreover, the kids’ stress problem has be seen to rise to the top health concern according to a national poll held by the American Psychological Association.

When it comes to stress in kids, parents play a key role to pick up the symptoms of stress and step in to help find the right stress relief for their kids.

All parents should start to pay more attention to their kids when they notice signs of moodiness, irritability, crying, complaining, withdrawal from activities and changes in patterns of sleeping or eating.

What should you do when you identify symptoms of stress in your kids? Watch this video to find the ways of stress relief for kids now!

Mommy’s note:

Interesting. Need to know more about this.

These kids are taught about “Tapping” in the classroom.

“Tapping” is a practice that could reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and bullying at school. It also helps to improve kids’ sleep, focus, and behavior, promoting self-acceptance in kids.

How is that possible?

Nick Ortner, the NYT Bestselling Author has explained that tapping under stress and pressure allows kids to consciously send a calming signal to their brains.

Find out what the school teachers, principals and the kids themselves have to say about the benefits of tapping!

How do you calm your kids down? Will you teach tapping to your kids? Comment below to let us know!

Stress Relief for Kids

Watch what happens when kids tap in the classroom.

Posted by The Tapping Solution Foundation on Friday, December 15, 2017