Via Babble: Baked Crispy Chicken Fingers With Apple Fries

There aren’t many kids who don’t adore chicken fingers. Fries have become the side dish of choice, filling up space on the plate where something healthier could be. Making your own isn’t difficult, of course – and while you’re making chicken fingers from scratch, why not? You could try salt & pepper oven fries, sweet potato fries or Parmesan ranch oven fries – all great uses of a potato. But in the fall, when tart, flavourful apples are everywhere, begging to be used, you could turn them into sweet roasted fries that make the perfect sidekick to crispy chicken fingers. Apple fries. Who knew?

Of course there’s no rule saying the fingers have to be chicken – turkey makes pretty wonderful fingers, too. If you don’t have (or like) chili sauce, try soaking chicken strips in buttermilk or thin plain yogurt (giving them a day to sit in the fridge will tenderize the meat, too); pull each piece out of the buttermilk and roll it in crumbs to coat.