We have discussed about why kids are becoming picky eaters and the things to take note of when your kids are fussy about their food.

Kids could become picky eaters due to numerous reasons.

Some kids are naturally extra sensitive to a certain smell, taste, or texture which cause them to dislike and even refuse to eat certain food.

Some kids on the other hand pick up the fussy eating habits by modeling their parents or other kids.

If you have troubles feeding picky eaters of yours, these kid-friendly vegan recipes that your kids will love! They are easy to prepare and are great for feeding picky eaters. Your kids may not even realize that they are vegan!


Get inspired by these healthy meals that your kids will actually want to eat! 😍 (via Tasty Vegetarian)FULL RECIPE: https://tasty.co/compilation/5-kid-friendly-vegan-meals

Posted by Proper Tasty on Friday, April 6, 2018