Via The Health Site: 7 home remedies for enlarged adenoids and tonsils in children

Children with a respiratory infection often find it difficult to breathe through the nose and are likely to breathe through the mouth. Especially when asleep, this results in a noisy breathing that so

Children with a respiratory infection often find it difficult to breathe through the nose and are likely to breathe through the mouth. Especially when asleep, this results in a noisy breathing that sounds like snoring, but isn’t. This condition is a result of enlargement of the adenoids – a patch of tissue located high in the throat, at the back of the nasal passage. Sometimes, there may also be a swelling of the tonsils – the two circular lump-like structures in the back portion of the throat.

Both the tonsils and the adenoids work to trap germs entering the body through the nose and mouth. Therefore, when there is an infection, these tissues swell temporarily and cause pain in the throat. While antibiotics may be required to deal with the infection, some natural remedies are useful in reducing the pain and discomfort due to the enlarged adenoids and tonsils.

Salt water gargle

When your child begins complaining of pain in the throat, the first remedy to try is a saltwater gargle prepared by mixing in one tablespoon of salt into a glass of warm water. The high concentration of salt helps to draw out the liquid from the inflamed tissues and this reduces their swelling. As a result of this dehydrated condition, it becomes more difficult for the bacteria to multiply and thrive. Through both these actions, a saltwater gargle can provide relief from the pain of enlarged adenoids and tonsils. However, you must ensure the child is old enough to manage the act of gargling without drinking the saltwater or it may result in vomiting.

Honey and lemon

Honey has antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties; as a result it can help to reduce swelling of the tonsils and adenoids. Take a teaspoon of honey and mix in 2 – 3 drops of lemon juice and make your child consume this about thrice every day for relief from throat pain.


The sulfur-containing compounds in garlic have a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. This makes it one of the best natural remedies to deal with infection in the throat. For best results, raw peeled garlic must be crushed, mixed with some honey and lemon juice and consumed. If this unpalatable to the child, you could crush the peeled garlic clove and lightly sauté it in the minimum quantity of ghee.

Warm beverages

When the adenoids and tonsils are swollen, it can be quite painful to swallow anything solid and this is the reason why most kids refuse to eat. Giving them a warm beverage to sip helps to provide them nutrition but it also has a soothing effect on the enlarged tissues in the throat. A mild tea with a little honey, a clear soup, broth, or a few drops of lemon juice and honey in warm water are some of the most soothing natural remedies to deal with enlarged adenoids and tonsils.


Turmeric contains curcumin which has anti-oxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. For best results, turmeric powder must be added into a glass of warm milk and drunk just before the child sleeps at night. The turmeric relieves the inflammation and milk has a mild sedative action; in combination, they work to help the child feel comfortable enough to sleep well.


Fenugreek or methiseeds have an anti-inflammatory effect and have traditionally been used in the form of a poultice on the skin to treat localized swellings. For swollen tonsils and adenoids, fenugreek may be made into a gargle by simmering 2 tablespoons of the seeds in about 3 – 4 cups of water. The child can be made to gargle with the liquid after it has cooled down sufficiently.


Basil or tulsi leaves have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory actions. This helps to reduce the swelling of the adenoids and tonsils. Basil is also known to hasten the healing process and this makes it a good natural remedy for throat infections. Take about 10 basil leaves in 1 ½ cups of water, boil for 10 minutes, strain and mix in the juice squeezed from one small lemon along with a teaspoon of honey. Make your child drink this mixture about thrice a day for three days to notice a significant reduction in the throat pain.

Along with all these natural remedies, there are other ways to soothe the pain of enlarged adenoids and tonsils in children. Get your child to give up fried, crunchy and spicy foods such as nuts and chips during such times. Givehim or her foods such as baked fruits, boiled and mashed vegetables or cooked oatmeal that are easy to swallow and do not irritate the already inflamed throat.

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