Kids Food Pyramid

Kid’s Food Pyramid

The key to having a good and healthy child is that you are well aware of the kids’ food pyramid. You need to make sure that whatever you are feeding your child is nutritious and comes from the five food groups. According to nutritionists, the food from the food groups is to be served in a given proportion throughout the day. If your child will eat a well balanced life, it will improve their physical and mental health.

Five Food Groups

You must be thinking what the five food groups are. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Vegetables and Beans: This should take up the largest part of your plate and you should encourage your child to eat it with every meal. The reason why they are recommended by nutritionists is that they are a good source of vitamins, fibers, and minerals that help a growing child.
  2. Lean meat, fish, eggs, and seeds: Our body needs constant protein in order to make adrenaline and hemoglobin. In addition to this, it builds and repairs our organs, tissues, and muscles.
  3. Grains: Avoid taking refined versions and always opt for wholegrain version of rice, bread, noodles, and cereals.
  4. Fruit: It is an excellent source of fiber, minerals, and vitamins that help our body to stay healthy and strengthens our immune system.
  5. Dairy: It is an excellent source of calcium that helps in keeping the bones strong. Make sure your child drinks milk every day.

How Often You Should Eat and What

You have just learnt about the kids’ food pyramid but how should you be eating these foods? Let’s have a look:

Eat Frequently

There are some foods that you should be eating frequently. These include the following:

  • Beans and lentils
  • Breads
  • Cereals such as rice and pasta
  • Fruit and vegetables


The reason why you need to eat these frequently is that they are rich in minerals, fibers, and vitamins. Don’t just pick one kind of food, but eat all of them.

Eat Sometimes

These are the foods that you and your kids should be eating in a small proportion every once in a while:

  • Chicken (without skin)
  • Dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Nuts


These foods are an excellent source of protein, which we need to repair tissues and keep healthy.

Eat Once In a While

These are the foods that have a very high sugar content but next to no minerals, fibers, and vitamins. These are considered ‘extras’ and one serving once in a while is more than enough.

  • Cake or muffin (1 medium piece)
  • Chocolate coated bars (1 bar)
  • Crisps (one small bag)
  • Ice cream (2 scoops)
  • Lollies or chocolate (one piece or one small bar)
  • Sweet biscuits (2 small)

The reason why we categorize these foods in a kids’ food pyramid is because of how often they should be eaten. The ‘Eat Frequently’ foods are at the bottom of the pyramid, the ‘Eat Sometimes’ food in the middle, whereas the ‘Eat Once In a While’ are at the top of the pyramid.

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