How to save Earth with 5 minutes a day of responsible consumerism

This talk informs the audience on how to be an educated and conscious consumer. Why it’s important to vote with your purchases. How to develop a 5-minute habit of making the responsible purchase to change the way corporations operate.

Shaun Frankson has inspired millions of responsible consumers to ask companies to use Social Plastic® to help alleviate global poverty and ocean plastic pollution. In his 2017 TEDxStanleyPark talk, Shaun Frankson reveals how The Plastic Bank – – leveraged a visible consumer driven demand to successfully inspire global organizations to change purchasing behaviors to increase their environmental and social impacts.

His inspirational message teaches why consumers are the most powerful force on earth and best positioned to save the planet. Through a habit of ethical, sustainable, locally sourced, cruelty free, green, eco and other various forms responsible purchasing you can be a change maker. Every purchase you make is a vote for how a product was made and for the company who made it. Corporations only produce what consumers buy repeatedly. When enough people stop buying a product, it stops getting made. When enough people stop buying from a company, it goes out of business. We’re on the verge of a new era in which the average person is starting to act like a responsible consumer.

Every year over 8 million tons of plastic enters our ocean. By 2050 we are projected to have more plastic in our ocean than fish by weight. Ocean plastic is poisoning our food chains. But Ocean plastic is just one example of a human created global issue that can be solved through responsible consumerism. It only takes 5 minutes more to make a responsible purchase.

Shaun Frankson is the co-founder and chief strategist for The Plastic Bank. He is known as a modern day strategy guy, growth hacker and technology futurist. Shaun has made a career out of creating unique strategies that generate exponential results. He created the brand strategies to introduce Social Plastic® to the world, resulting in over 1 million supporters and 300 media features while attracting some of the world’s largest organizations as partners and clients. He is currently working with IBM to launch a game changing APP based Blockchain and Hyperledger digital currency and exchange platform.

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