Activities for Kids on Sick Days

Via Parenting: Activities for Kids on Sick Days

Entertain your sick kid with these fun and easy indoor and outdoor activities.

If your kid’s running a fever, vomited or had diarrhea in the past 24 hours, or seems lethargic and just not himself, plan to stay home and play nurse. Here’s how to also have some fun with your patient.

With younger kids: Break out the photo album. Tired of the same book? Your child will end up “reading” family pics to you—“Look, das Gwamma!” or “I met Santa!” Bonus: He may even be content to sit and peruse them on his own.

With older kids: Burn some memories. Whip out those photos you’ve been meaning to put in an album or on a CD and enlist his help. In the throes of hockey or basketball season? Take that video footage and start working on a team DVD together that he can give to teammates and coaches at the end of the season.

Play fair

Today’s not the day to challenge your child with a new Memory game, complicated puzzle, or Lego robot. Under-the-weather kids will get frustrated that much more easily. If he’s on the cranky side, stick to activities that are simple or that he’s done a million times and knows how to master.


Hide objects around your house in fairly obvious spots so the game isn’t too difficult, then send your kid on a scavenger hunt. Give him a bucket and send him looking. Younger kids will play this game over and over, so it eats up a nice chunk of time without much effort on your part—perfect!

Get some air

If the temperature is above freezing and it’s not too windy, bundle up and go for a short stroll. Breathing fresh, brisk air can do wonders for a croupy cough, and the change of scenery will do you both a world of good.

Gift him

Whip out a video game or craft kit from the holiday presents you put aside (smart!) and watch his symptoms disappear. Plus, it’ll entertain him longer than his same old stuff.

Tune in

Watching TV is what sick days are all about, right? Let your sickie lounge around in his pajamas, watch iCarly and Ben 10 on repeat, and boss you around from the couch (“I’m outta juice!”). When he falls asleep, switch to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and thank your lucky stars you’re not one of them.

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